Length: 10 weeks
Collaborators: Christoffer Nydahl
Student project at AHO in collaboration with Ruter
​​​​​​​Solving a very open brief called "Universal design on a service level", We developed this 
proposal on how Ruter could expand their digital service offering. Our proposal achieves this by increasing the feeling of safety before and after their journey. The proposal does this by acknowledging that not everyone have the same needs when choosing a route, the proposal also includes functionality to help the customer find the right stop, as well as tools to help keep track of their journeys progression. And lastly; helping the customer get off at the right stop.
By implementing our proposals, we believe Ruter could go from providing a journey-planner, to providing a journey companion.  By harnessing the increased potential for accurate positioning and the speed of data-transfers made possible by technology​​​​​​​
Check out the most important features below, or read the full report here (in Norwegian)
Not every traveller has the same idea of what "the best" journey is. To solve this, we propose these alternative preferences when planning your journey: "Fastest", "Without transfers", and "More space" 

After choosing their preferred journey, the user may press the "start journey" button. This is an important premise for the rest of the concepts; when the user commits to a specific journey, Ruter is able to provide relevant information during the journey, and keep the user updated - without it feeling unnecessary or intrusive.
Inspired by map-services like Google maps and Apple maps, we were curious what a "start journey" button means in Ruters ecosystem. When asking users about this, we discovered that users expect to be presented with information relevant to their journey, and that the information should be in realtime.
Notification in-app if you appear to be waiting at the wrong stop, if you are on the wrong side of the road, or something similar.  We also propose an AR-visualisation to be able to locate the right stop. While this may seem far-fetched, we believe this to be feasible with the increased accuracy of 5G-positioning.
Notification in-app, on locked screen, playing the "Ruter-sound", as well as vibration when your transport arrives, also informing you exactly where on the platform your transport arrives.
This is how we propose the screen should look like during a journey. At the top is the next important event (like when you are supposed to get off), it is possible to scroll this information - to look at the previous steps or the steps ahead. Under this is the progress on your current transport. And finally a map showing your whole journey.
When travelling, unexpected things might happen. if (or when) that happens, Ruter will recommend you a new route. The app does this by having a noticeable yellow notification inside the app, as well as a notification, sound, and vibration outside the app.
While we might think that our proposed features are super-useful, we felt that it was important to give the users the option to turn them off. Because of this the notifications outside the app, vibrations, and sound warnings are possible to toggle off.