Length: Three weeks
In this project I designed the logo for a company called Nordic QuantLab. They do data adaptive machine learning - which (from my understanding) means that they use algorithms to draw insight from large datasets.

Check out the logo in use on their
Main logo at the top; logo without type for light and dark backgrounds and black/white. Logo with text for dark backgrounds and black/white
First round of suggestions, based on the client-meeting. They wanted something that looked professional, and would work well in most applications - to achieve this I opted for "flat" and simple designs.

The client wanted to communicate some of their work through the logo - my take on it was "identifying what is important in a source of statistics". 
After some feedback from the client, I designed some new suggestions. I tried to keep it simplistic while still communicating a vast set of data. The final version is 8, with some changes to font colour.