Length: 10 weeks
Collaborators: Malin Emilie Hoff
Student project at AHO in collaboration with Engelsborg resource centre, Vahl primary school, and Kirkens Bymisjon

Through eight weeks of meals and cooking Matmøter connects school children and seniors, by creating mutually beneficial arenas for learning and socialising.
Matmøter provides a set of easily implemented guidelines and tools, that make up a framework for cooperative projects between pupils in school and volunteers from elderly centres.
Matmøter enables elders to share their traditions and knowledge about food as a part of the children's curriculum. The pupils are offered a multidisciplinary learning opportunity involving several subjects, ensuring the project to be relevant for both pupils and teachers alike.
Watch the video below to get the full explanation of how the service is set up:
Although cooperation between schools and elderly centres already exists, it lacks structure – and the initiatives quickly die out without highly motivated organizers. These institutions do not need a futuristic highly innovative way of getting together, but simply a realistic, easily implemented framework to make the connection happen!
This thought is reflected in our proposal; which is the result of several sessions working together with representatives from schools and elderly centres, to ensure that the project is feasible. Below are the most important factors of the service proposal, based on input we got from representatives from schools and elderly centres, as well as user insight from interviews and testing.
Matmøter is set to run as a pilot in the near future, pending the pandemic situation.

The "Recipe Booklet" material touchpoint. Check out the video to see all the touchpoints.